stuffing our faces: w/c 190609 (damn, thought i posted this, but it was sitting in draft)

This is going to have to happen retrospectively, because we have been diverting from the path and it is all too complicated to go back and edit.

Friday:   Porcini mushroom risotto (carried forward from last week)
Saturday:   Dinner out at Nawaz, Flavour of India before heading out to Deerhunter at The Annandale
Sunday:   Harira (from Women’s Weekly: The Weekend Cook)
Monday:   Nige’s braised oxtail with mustard and mash (p.63 kitchen diaries) (also carried forward from last week)
Tuesday:   Steak, porcini mushroom risotto (leftovers) + baby spinach
Wednesday;   Bangers and mash (dutch cream potatoes are teh awesome for mashing)
Thursday:   Pasta Il Lebbio (pancetta + cream &etc, an invention of our own from when we were in Toscana, named for the lovely place we were staying)


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