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It’s been a couple of years now since I’ve visited Dishy Dentist. It’s not as though I am actively avoiding it, I actually LOVE going to the dentist, but what with one thing and another I just haven’t quite gotten around to it.

While he is utterly lovely and does excellent work, ever since Dishy Dentist became a celebrity dentist and started sending weekly update emails about his television appearances I’ve been thinking that I might need to seek alternate arrangements. I really can’t be doing with a celebrity dentist – he charged like a wounded bull before his stardom [I’m sure I financed a boat and several ponies], I hate to think what his fees are now that he’s a tv star.

Don has pointed me in the direction of his lovely dentist who is less than 5 minutes walk up the road.

I’m seeing him tomorrow. Hopefully, given that I have been flossing super-regularly for years, the exercise will not send us to the poorhaus.


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  1. Highly Recommended!

    Glebe Dental Group – on GP Road across from the DryCleaner & Glebe Point Diner. I saw George Lee.

    I think you'd like him a lot – he has lots of cool tech, really involves you in what's going on and talks to you like you are an intelligent human (none of that paternalism you sometimes find with health professionals).

    I liked him so much, I'm going back this morning to have a couple of little preventative things done. And I'll definitely be having him do the hideously expensive implant I need to have.

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