the half anniversary misty hat

Dishy Boss pointed out to me that it was my six month wedding anniversary on Saturday. I’m really pleased that he is looking out for all my important dates for me, because I truly had no idea. As I said on twitter – the 3rd marriage is like the 3rd child, you don’t fill in the baby book, don’t take as many photos1 etc.

Because of this … ahem … auspicious occasion, I decided that the jacques cousteau hat would be a half anniversary gift. “Baby, I am so utterly full of love that I crafted you this quite difficult hat! What do you mean you didn’t get me anything?”

Should really have left it like this – nice airhole at the top.

Ends need weaving in.

I will take a proper photo with an actual camera in the daylight. It’s super-warm and wonderfully soft.

And might I say that the recipient is utterly thrilled with it and thinks I’m a crafting genius.

Once I got to double pointed needles it was quite difficult, I’m not accustomed to jusggling(TM Harriet) all those needles. I occasionally dropped stitches which was somewhat frustrating and overall, my stitches are nowhere near as even as I would ordinarily tolerate (I think this is being not really used to the circular needle, I’m much more satisfyingly even on straight ones).

I’d also make the body something like 18cm, rather than the suggested 20cm and I’d finish up a row or two before the 12 remaining stitches (can have somewhat of a pointy crown, which I’ve seen in some of the photos around on the internets). Luckily I have all of these learnings, because I’m planning another hat from the same pattern in a rather nice green Lincraft brand cosy wool, I think I need more knitting practice before I embark upon the jumper.

And on the subject of crafting, how pretty is the purl bee? I don’t know what it is, (the light? the colours?) but it is so visually pleasing. Makes me want to chuck in the job and stay at home all day and make pretty things.

1 although this is not strictly true as there are probably equally as many (if not more) pix of Bess than her siblings


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