tuesday, 23 june 2009 (no, i couldn’t think of a title)

I apologise if I am boring you utterly with my winters-ish melancholy iphone snaps, but you’re just going to have to deal until I tire of it. And hey, just be thankful that I am not forcing ALL of the pix I take upon you!


Yet another building through the bare branches. Harris Street.

While looking, unsuccessfully, for Space 1999 interior shots, I stumbled across this spectacular dedication to thematic decorating. That is some hardcore fibreglass.

I really do need to stop purchasing articles of clothing which do not suit me at all, but which are on sale. It doesn’t happen a lot (because I tend not to purchase a lot of clothing), but when it does happen, I really go all out. For example, the most recent, a review1 dark grey knitted top with puffy short sleeves and a bow at the neck. It was like 85% off. Bargain!

But I have very straight shoulders and anything with puffy sleeves makes me appear to be wearing enormous shoulder pads, a la Krystal Carrington (or those hipster kiddies at the Deerhunter gig on Saturday night). I wore it once, realised how perfectly ghastly it looked and it has been in the cupboard since (no, I don’t know what the hell I was thinking either).

It did take a photo of myeslf in the hideous garment, but really it does not convey the full unflattering horror of it, so will spare you.

This evening I was attempting to re-fashion it by chopping the sleeves off and removing the bow, but really I should just charity-bin it with a big lesson learned.

Actually, I think I’m going to put it in the cast off bag for the charity bin it right now.

Bye, bye ghastly shirt.

1No idea what happened to the website, perhaps they have a strange new unintuitively named URL that I cannot work out.


1 thought on “tuesday, 23 june 2009 (no, i couldn’t think of a title)

  1. I love the look of white stuff painted on dark, dark bitumen. I used to wait and wait for the bit on Sesame Street where the guy would come out and paint something on the road, which would inevitably be ruined, just to see the delicious thick white paint being laid down on the road. I still get that same feeling and I can't quite explain what it is. But it has to be chunky lettering – not skinny road lines, for example.

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