nobody can stop the photos…

I do need to get myself a flickr account for these iphone pix.

Do they define gang borders? Identify a brothel?

On the way to work this morning. Muddy. I had to tiptoe around it.

Also, much less artful and melancholy:

Giant! mushroom! (boney girl hand for scale) I now know that giant mushrooms are rather overrated.

In crafting news, because I’m sure you are all dying to know where I am up to:

Don’s hat is coming along nicely and it was gratifying to get it to a length where I could test it that it fit around his head (the circular needle being smaller than most heads). It was even more gratifying that when I shoved it on his head, it fit.

Can or should one block a hat, I wonder?

It is pretty cool to knit on circular needles (although again, talk to me when I am at the decreases). Not nearly as fast as crochet, but I think rather more pleasant to look at.

I have a pair of knee high rainbow-striped socks (shut up) which unfortunately have toes which are beyond all repair (having repaired them so many times that all is left are repairs and not too much original sock). I really do like this tutorial which might see their redemption from unwearable into the long desired arm warmers. Only for hauswear of course. I say that with all good intentions, but then I just wore the Big! Orange! Jumper! out to the shop. See what this hippy suburb has done to me! Next I’ll be going without shoes, hazelblackberry style.


2 thoughts on “nobody can stop the photos…

  1. It is indeed. Well spotted!

    Over summer there were a ton of them near the large green building on the corner of GPR and Leichhardt Street, but they seem to have migrated.

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