hazy shade of

That side of the Harbour might be 57 kinds of evil, but it has some rather wonderful buildings in the style I am utterly in love with.

And their evil footpaths are so much nicer than ours. You could have gone with sandstone, Clover! Why the godsawful slippery grey marble everywhere? WHY?!?!?

And, rounding off the artful iPhone pix, rain on poor wee Bav’s window last evening on the way home from shopping:


3 thoughts on “hazy shade of

  1. ooh i used to work in that building, the space pod one, back when it used to be painted partly orange. on the 13th floor, where i can vouch for 56 of the 57 kinds of evil occurring. horrid times. fab architecture.

  2. Oh no! It is dreadful to learn that there is evil lurking beneath such an excellent exterior. I prefer my evil buildings to be overt (such as tower 2, darling park – home to the SoullessPalaceOfEvil).

    Now you're going to disapoint me by telling me the space pod/chocolate building is not fitted out in the style of space 1999, aren't you?

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