sunday sunday sunday

Rainy, lazy day where not a lot in particular occured, but where we did go out and get a new modem/wireless access point (a single device to replace the two utterly craptacular ones) – which is all kinds of fabulous! And finally we have an actual operational haus network, which we’ve not really had for the past couple of years.

There was also much cooking, which is always a lovely thing indeed, well except for the jerky that Don and Bessie insist on making when the babies are here. Everyone raves about it, I think it smells icky and decline to sample it. Don says I will be screwed when the end of civilisation comes and they are feasting on the jerky they have stockpiled. I say that is the point at which I embrace a vegetarian lifestyle.

I had all good intentions of starting this utterly lovely hat for Don this weekend, but don’t seem to have done so (although technically it is still the weekend, so there is time to at least cast on, I somehow doubt this will happen).

Disappointing because I made a special effort to leave the office to go get the wool and circular needle, but, hey, I did at least get out of the office – so there was postive benefit. And by golly, did I need to leave the office after the staff meeting on Friday! I really don’t think I can bear to go into the full details of the horror. It is enough to say that there was an older gentleman (benefit of the doubt) singing “If I were a rich man” and shimmying in accompaniment – not sure when any of us will recover. Truly, it was just like being back in the days of Marie Celeste at the most ghastly.

Speaking of hats, I may have misplaced hat#3 on on the bus on Friday evening, either that, or it is on my desk, hopefully the latter.

Meanwhile, enjoy my other winter comfort jumper:

Somewhat more subtle than the Big! Orange! Jumper! As mentioned in the comments, a USS Independence sweater, gifted from an old boyfriend around 17 years ago. Also mentioned in the comments, I wear it with irony.

I’ve decided to scatter the more pleasing (to me at least) photographs that I’ve twitterered throughout the blog because twitter seems to very transient.

So here is the first: view from my pillow, just before flicking off that light.

Yes, it is a touch lamp. Yes, I do find that appalling. What can I say? It was here when I moved in.

Am drinking hot chocolate. Really needed a warm drink for the evenings and infusions lack that certain satisfying, warming effect. I really feel as though they are more of a summer drink, I (at least) find them very light and refreshing (except for Dr Stuarts, which you’d drink at those times you hate your very existence and want to punish yourself). The hot choc is rather wonderful, although I can’t see it having a very positive effect on the figure. But hey, curves are tres chic and appealing to boys? non?

Purchased because it didn’t appear to have any humectants (not that I know if drinking chocolate ordinarily contains humectants) or thickeners or fillers or flavour 624 (no, I don’t know if there is an actual flavour 624, but I daresay there is) or other crap in it.


2 thoughts on “sunday sunday sunday

  1. That ikea jumper was one of the best second hand store scores ever, I think.

    You definitely have m4d skillz in finding highly desirable items in unlikely places (side of road, second hand stores).

    I remember reading years ago, although I've looked and can't find where, that firms of a certain type (big accounting/consulting etc) had policies about where/how one could dispose of articles with the firm's logo/branding – charity shops were frowned upon, because who knows who could end up wearing the clothing? Maybe someone poor or even worse, someone who is not a consultant! It could diminish the brand!

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