stuffing our faces: w/c 120609

The Don and Carol (and babies) Menu: week commencing 12 June 2009 (edited 140609)

Friday:   Nige’s Roast Chicken wings with lemon and cracked pepper – and baby spinach (yes, we did have list last Friday night too – it’s delicious and simple and we all love it)
Saturday:   Pasta Bakey thing (essentially, lasagne with bechamel sauce, where any sort of pasta shape [in this instance, liscio piccolo 40] is substituted for lasange sheets) and Kerry Apple cake with double cream – Dfkan is coming for dinner and has requested her favourite comfort foods
Sunday:   Some sort of firm white fish with beurre blanc1 and baby spinach
Monday:   Nige’s braised oxtail with mustard and mash (p.63 kitchen diaries) forgot to remove the oxtail from the freezer (and it is a 2 nighter), we’ll be having Thursday’s dish instead!
Tuesday:   Lamb cutlets with Harrisa and cous cous
Wednesday:   Porchini Mushroom risotto (a recipe of Don’s devising)
Thursday:   Nige’s orecchiette with roast tomato and basil sauce (p.197 kitchen diaries)

As always, the MTWT list is subject to rearrangement.

1our firm white fish was snapper (thanks De Costi!) and this recipe for beurre blanc is absolutely to die for – yay Don!


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