i made a hat3

There wasn’t anywhere near enough pink wool for the hat I was making and it looked perfectly ghastly with a white/cream trim, so I unravelled it and started afresh with cream wool left over from a scarf I knitted Dfkan a couple of years ago.

New hat: from no pattern in particular

It was so very horribly freezing today that I wish I had finished it ealier.

You may be questioning my taste level (or perhaps overcome with horror) after seeing my Big! Orange! Jumper! Yes, it is hideous, but it’s also cotton and soft and wonderful. I have had it for years and I love it to death (and it does not leave the house).

I think a couple more hats to go (but I will not bore you senseless with yarn arts) before I embark upon the jumper (but not the cable one yet – just the rib at this stage)


6 thoughts on “i made a hat3

  1. 1. It is even more cosy and warm than it looks. Winter haus wear is either the Big! Orange! Jumper! Or a very worn, grey USS independence sweater that an old boyfriend gave me in about 1991. Of course, I wear it with irony

    2. I need some sort of spellchecky auto-correct to remedy those lapses. [scooby zoo villain It would have passed unnoticed if it wasn't for you meddling kid(s) [/scooby zoo villain]

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