how very boring (sunday morning edition)

Well, how’s that list going?

  • construct skirt pattern (shame I can’t find any decent fabric to actually make the skirt)
  • retrieve winter coats from garage and pack up summer dresses for their winter holiday in the garage)
  • grocery shopping that we just could not face on Thursday evening. complete
  • clean the perfectly disgusting kitchen floor.
  • vacuum (such a rock and roll lifestyle)
  • washing (taking it to the next level)
  • visit Haymarket so Don might purchase Asiany staples (he’s on a bit of an asian cooking thing right now) complete
  • put fab new anti-glare film on my iphone (hopefully that will resolve the ghastly
    fingerprints issue)
  • finally hem those pants
  • yoga complete
  • make some sort of wok handle cover (like an oven glove)
  • put Bessie’s jeans in a place where I will not forget to take them to be altered complete
  • Make bikkies complete
  • package Dr Stuart’s poison to post to the gorgeous Harriet (winner of the inaugural DonandCarol giveaway)

Things I should add to the list:

  • dust
  • buy draught excluder snakey thing for front door complete
  • colour eyebrows
  • attend to worm farm
  • clean out freezer
  • make breadcrumbs
  • make pumpkin scones
  • transfer sprouted avocado seed in kitchen into some sort of pot

Given that Don is off at golf and it is absolutely pouring, it should prove an excellent time to attend to most of these administrative things.

3 thoughts on “how very boring (sunday morning edition)

  1. I’d had precisely *no* luck with planting the seeds in soil, so I turned to the internets.

    Back in December (Mom was still here, so it must have been December) I stuck some toothpicks in the seed and suspended it over a water-filled jar (mainly as an experiment, because I couldn’t see that it would work and surely, as is so often the case, the internets were wrong).

    On this occasion, as is so often the case, the internets were correct! It took weeks to happen, but sprout it did and grew to a nice size.

    I don’t expect to get any avocados from it, nor do I expect it to attain any great size, but I like to mess about with these things. Makes me wish I had that large garden!

  2. That is the most bizarre seed-sprouting exercise I’ve ever heard of – I can’t believe that worked! Now I have to remember to get toothpicks.

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