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I have a couple of images that I have uploaded to the server, but have yet to include in a post, so this will be a smidge disjointed and unthemeatic.

We go through quite a lot of eggs here in the Don and Carol haus, especially when the babiess are here and there are breakfasts to be had and cakes, biscuits and brownies to make. I always make an effort buy organic, cage free eggs (as Dfkan would say, it’s the foodie wanker in me).

I went to grab this carton the other day. Wattle Ridge – the environmental egg, that has to be good, right?

That is until you see the word just above “12 X-Large Eggs”.

Yes, that says “CAGE” in writing almost the same colour as the background.


Unpleasantly sneaky.

Last weekend I was in the city buying Bessie a black singlet so that she might be correctly attired to play Jesus in her school’s Easter liturgical thingy (at least I think it was a liturgical thingy, I’m not really down with this Catholicism stuff). No, I’m not sure why Jesus was outfitted in a black singlet and black tights.

We also bought a set-top box (which has given us crystal clear television transmission, whereas previously everything had a slightly winterish look to it) and looked for our third kitchen timer in 12 months (no matter how much we spend, they invariably die), which we did not find (DJs having sold out).

What was I saying? Oh yes! I was in the city last Saturday and I came across a Hare Krishna parade in Market Street.

I kind of dig Hare Krishnas, they always seem so happy and dance-y.

And they gave me a wee packet of my current favourite snack!

Boringly, my current favourite snack is trail mix.


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