my new boyfriend

I’ve been meaning to post this since January, however with one thing and other …

It all started in the first week of January with an intriguing slender volume in the bookcase of the Marie Celeste kitchen.

Who exactly was Nigel Slater? I’d never heard his name before, so I borrowed it and fell in love with his delightful narrative style.

Then I read about him at the wonderful (but sadly defunct) The Croft and was even more intrigued.

So, I searched for something more substantial than the borrowed volume and found The Book in the not-local branch library after our first yoga class.

After cooking one of the recipes, I knew this book must be mine. So, of course I purchased it from the best online bookstore in the universe.

Then the fabulous kitschenette (she of our favouritest cake recipe ever) posted about him and suddenly he seemed to be everwhere.

And, now that I have found him, I’ve really been loving hiscolumn in The Observer.

How had I missed him before this?

We use Kitchen Diaries every week and everything we’ve made has been so utterly marvellous. You should really try to get your hands on a copy – even if you never cook anything from it, it is a wonderful read.

Oh, what about Don? Don doesn’t mind the least because he is pretty in love with him too.


2 thoughts on “my new boyfriend

  1. Well Don probably stands a better chance I’m afraid as Nigel is quite openly gay đŸ™‚

    Great to hear you got “turned on” to his books, I’ve given them as gifts for years and anyone wanting to start cooking gets pointed in his direction. Even just reading his books is enough to make you hungry as he writes so well. And the recipes are unfancy, unfussy and just full of good, honest food served without all the palaver some chefs feel they need to go into.


  2. I kind of figured that was the case. That’s okay, he can still be my boyfriend.

    I’d love to do a “Julia and Julia” style thing with The Kitchen Diaries (cooking everything in it). Everything so far has been fabulous, I’m sure everything we’ve not yet tried is fabulous too.

    I do wish his books were more readily available here. His writing style really does delight (there is no other word for it) me. I have Eating for England on the wish list for the next time I make an order.

    And thanks again for the push!

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