Image heavy post as threatened…

My baby boy turned 15! We all delighted in the bizarre “boy” candle.

Don ordered a bunch of weird American stuff from USAfoods including several packets of sunflower seeds with the delightful message “Eat. Spit. Be Happy.” Eww.

Red Pasta Hearts! As mentioned in this post

Don makes bread Also mentioned in this post

Bread which rather resembled a mutant wee beakless duck, but which was awfully yummy nonetheless. His later efforts have proven (ha! bread pun!) much less duck-like, but still awfully yummy.

Steak and kidney pies – with hearts! Another image from that post

Meditation pillow for Bessie made from a pair of old jeans and a couple of placemats.

Both Dfkan and I are amazed that the existance of other religions is acknowledged at Bessie’s catholic school – certainly there was none of that in the Dfkan catholic experience.


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  1. Perhaps that why the universe was trying to tell me to not post images. So now I can blame you for my broken computers and inability for Gertie to read RAW.Else I need to add highly descriptive … errr … descriptions to my image tags.

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