Hottest 100 v2009 – the winnahs!

I remember back in the day when triple J referred to 26 January as “Invasion Day” – to hear hottest 100 crowds today at Parramatta park (what?!) chanting “Oi Oi Oi” was a bit unsettling (and not a little revolting).

And bloody hell, we may as well have been listening to Nova or TripleM. Honestly! This radio station really has turned into teh suck ever since it went regional. Gods, I feel like Terry Wogan ranting about Russian bloc Eurovision voting.

Anyway, on with the results:

Don receives the wooden spoon again (poor baby, with the fabulous taste in music)!

Bessie, to the amazement of us all, did really quite well with her very many Flight of the Conchords tips.

Joe/Frank narrowly beat Dfkan (and me) to first place. It really went down to the wire in the top 10 with Joe/Frank, Dfkan, Bess and I all swapping places with almost every song.

The final rankings:

Well done Joe/Frank! His name will be inscribed upon the trophy when it is eventually acquired (currently watching some quite odd trophies on eBay – the preferred one having got away).

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