stomp stomp stomp

Don and I really piled on the pudge over the Christmas break (it was building up before that, but Christmas/Mom really cemented it) – so we decided to Take Action.

I’ve recommitted to the gym (missed several weeks over the C/M break), Don sees a trainer with a group from EasternSuburbsPowerDrinkers on Wednesdays, we’ve started yoga on Saturday mornings1 and today we went for a hike in the Royal National Park (I do have what I think could be quite good pix [despite being taken on the dodgy-cam), if I had a functional computer, I would share them2). I now sport a very smashing trucker style tan on my thighs (the perils of wearing shorts) and arms – despite liberal applications of sunscreen.

Also, we’ve gone two weeks without either after works snacks or … alcohol (on weekdays)! Utterly shocking, I know. But, by gods, we’ll rid ourselves of those bellies eventually! Well, at least until our enthusiasm wanes and we return to our natural slothly state.

1Which deserves a post all on its own.

2Gertie’s hard drive is far too full to put pix on. I’ll have to address that (I’ve so far established the apple+r and the fn+delete).


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