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I think it is fairly evident that the only time I will ever update is on the weekend. And the weekend is here – hurrah! Time to crack open the most excellent bottle of cleanskin sauvignon blanc, pump up LCD soundsystem on the stereo and warming some rather scrummy looking DJs beef & guinness pies1.

beef + guinness & some lamby-style pie (I want to say moroccan, but I may be mistaken). Don got beef + guinness & venison + dijon (see footnote)

Judging from the queue at the pies and cakey counter, I think everyone in Sydney decided on DJs pies for dinner tonight. The weather was inclement and freezing – perfect pie weather.

The less said about the work week, the better. I should mention that I did get to lay some smack down (ever-so-nicely, of course) to someone who heartily deserved it, which made me feel all warm and gooey inside. I think I need to do that sort of thing more often … can you smell what The Carol is cooking?

Yes, I know I said that the less said the better about Marie Celeste, but it’s been a very, very long time since I have shared one of those Marie Celeste anecdotes (golly, probably the mrs hardly blog), and this was too good to resist: Anxious Mum (one of the 3 others in my restructured team2) informed us, quite insistently, this afternoon, that 1 cup of (oh, say) sugar, is not the same volume as a cup of (say) milk.

Now, granted, I’m no scientist, but I thought volume was volume was volume.

I have lost 2.5kg in the past two weeks, by doing nothing other than I ordinarily do (gym every lunchtime, no alcohol on [most] weeknights), which is just 76 kinds of awesome. I can almost fit into my pants of 12 months ago – woo!

Note to self: do not confuse chopping block with trivet

Quite strangely, at least 40% of my hits (that is a total guess), are from that Faith No More lyric I used as a title in August last year – people must be rather disappointed to find me as a result. I’m the second hit in google.

Note to people who want to increase their page rank: quote lots of song lyrics.

This was perhaps the biggest overstatement I have seen in recent times:


If you have made it this far. Can you recommend a super-fabulous RSS reader other than GoogleReader or bloglines?

1which, at 9.52pm are still warming in the oven, because, someone participated in impromptu work drinks / bonding with colleagues (well, Don’s are: mine have been drunkenlyphotographed and enjoyed).

2I really do need to compile that who’s who list. And Gods, I update so infrequently that I don’t think I even mentioned the last Marie Celeste restructure.

6 thoughts on “all the clever people want to tell you

  1. It’s pie weather here but I made those a few days ago, so tonight we’re having stir fry.As for volume…er…maybe someone who actually knows about these things, could give you an answer, but I thought that the volume would be the same because volume relates to the space that something occupies. But weight or density could be different?

  2. Originally, we thought she did mean weight, so we’re all like, “yeah, 1 cup rice would weigh more than 1 cup feathers”. But she was totally (very) insistent that 1 cup of rice was a different volume than 1 cup feathers, so really, you needed different sized cups for whatever it was you were measuring – which, I’m kind of sure, is crazy talk.

  3. oh that looks sinister – I just posted a comment for the wrong post, that’s all – I reposted it in the right place.

  4. Hey, if you (or anyone) wants to leave random comments like the removed one all over my blog, you should go right ahead – especially if they are anything to do with my general fabulousness!

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