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It’s been a week jam-packed with work, work (and more work) and kidlets.

Here’s a synopsis (hah! like I could synopsis-ise anything) of what we’ve been up to:

Babies – here for week two of the hols. Their room smells like teenager. Have lost count of how many times they’ve listened to flight of the conchords (am sure they don’t get most of it, but they love it nonetheless). They’ve been very helpful and quite delightful. Even alphabetised our CDs.

When CD collections collide:

The haus footy tipping contest now has a very apt trophy, courtesy of eBay and $10 (+shipping):

Trekked out to ikea last weekend planning to get some bookshelves for the babies and (amongst other things) picked up some new dining chairs (repurposed office chairs).

I do love them so. I’m going through quite a red phase just now.

Don is completely smitten with his new toy:

Joe/Frank has a particularly ghastly-looking growth on his toe, so it was off to the dermatologist on Thursday – a welcome day off for me (particularly welcome, as I missed a staff meeting – these tend to be interminable). Just as we were leaving for the ‘burbs, I received a text from Heather saying he and I (among others) had received employee of the month. Woo! Which meant $100 gift voucher for each of us.

So when I took Bessie to the local markets and saw this today, I knew it was destined to be mine:

I ran into Heather out the front of the markets and, of course, advised him to get in there and get one for himself, so that we might wear them together on casual friday.

She grows!

Grows so much that I had to buy more balls of white acrylic from kmart (at 59cents a 50g ball).

Also, I was surprisingly pleased with the outcome of salary reviews.

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