Currently, I’m working my way through a bottle of wine and getting most of the washing out of the way before we head out to see The Wombats this evening.

I have wagered Don that they will do “Let’s dance to Joy Division” as the first or the last song of their set. The value of the wager is, as yet, undetermined.

I haven’t ranted here about GTD1, but we are rather (very) prone to making jokes about it In Real LifeTM.

Anyway, today we GTD – acquired probably the last things we need for The Holiday (telephone adaptor [for the modem] and other assorted miscellany).

It struck me today that I am quite possibly underestimating how cold it will be in Italy (coming from summer) and that I could be without warm clothing. After much thought, I think I’ll be buying one jumper (I realised today that I own no absolutely no jumpers) to take with me and then I’ll be spending up big2 when I get there.

1Just write a damn list and sodding Do Things! Gods! you don’t need a system that costs a fortune (or a website that costs a mint to subscribe to) to organise yourself. Argh! Honestly, the people who fall for such scams! I really want to mastermind one of these bleedingly obvious solutions to “problems” for myself, whereupon I will make my fortune.

2Big being probably about AU$50, because that is about all I’ll be able to afford, given I am taking leave without pay for the vast part of The Holiday.

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  1. O yes, lists and diaries are my friends. Lists in diaries are my life partner. The problem with all these other things is that they take effort to maintain – they’re a big cumbersome extra step.My diary is divided into two columns. On the right hand side are all my appointments, stuff that is due and reminders about stuff that will be due. On the left hand side is my ‘to do” list. it’s so satisfying to cross stuff off.Of course, I also include just one or two things that I’ve just polished off or are on the cusp of being finished, just to give myself some immediate gratification.

  2. See, I’m thinking you could make your fortune with your two columned diary system – you merely need some sort of TLA for it and you’ll be able to undertake all manner of mysterious & intriguing post-grad studies with the profits.

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