growning up

This week saw a huge step in my personal development.

After an enormous amount of angst, I actually told Old Boss that I had no time to help her out with the totally, absolutely, ridiculously important project The Professor had dropped the ball on. Usually it is me who comes to the rescue on these things at the last minute and, being me, I never, ever say no to any request (which, of course, can be a big problem) and I *always* get things done – no matter how unreasonable those *things* might be.

I have already been working seriously ridiculous amounts of time trying to get everything squared away so that I may leave for The Holiday with a clear conscience and I’ve still got loads on my plate, and if I’d said yes, I would have been working all weekend (rather than just needing to look over the few things I do now).

And who knew that the simple saying of “no, I really can’t do it” would be so very liberating. I was a minion for so very long – where the way to get ahead was to take on everything and solve every problem going. But now I’m no longer a minion (undoubtedly the result of taking on everything and solving every problem) I cannot sustain this mindset.

Many thanks to Don, my ersatz career counsellor. Everyone I work with loves them some Don1, and I can learn much from his ways.

1Admittedly the Don-as-God thing in my workplace can be a little tiresome.

6 thoughts on “growning up

  1. Is Don is good.Maybe he could teach me the art of saying no given that the only thing that saved me this week from crumpling into a little ball was those steroids the doc gave me.Seriously though, other people go on holiday all the time. You’ve carried them in the past, time for them to do the hard yards for you.APG (more portly than ever since those pills make me hungrier than Pac-man.)

  2. I am sure he could teach you the art of “no”, because the rest of us have failed miserably in getting you to say no.And, to be honest, you are full of the proverbial if you think you are more portly – I was only thinking yesterday that you must have lost about 5kg.So when does this ‘roid rage start? I am going to be really disappointed if you lay the smack down on people while I’m away.

  3. OK. Sit back for a long reply. Any longer and I’ll have to get me one of those blog thingys.When Don comes back from hol’s he might give me some pointers. When I started at MC I was pretty lazy, now I’m the hardest working lazy git I know.On the plus side I have been able to say no to a few things.On the steroids. You won’t see the rage. The side effects are not being able to sleep, eating like a horse, feeling detached (and somewhat fuzzy/happy) and sweating like a pig. (That 5kg is just water.) Ms APG calls them my happy pills.(although I did get snappy at work today with someone.) Fortunately for me the course comes to an end this week. (I’m starting to sleep more than two hours a night again. Yay.)Unfortunately that means I’m going to crash big time in the next seven days.APG

  4. APG should totally GHOFB (get his own fucking blog) – for he is most entertaining, particularly In Real Life[TM].And now that he finally has become civilised (by connecting to the internet, there is no excuse at all).Or his lovely wife should get one and show off m4d c00k1ng sk1llz.

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