if i were a cobbler …

Of course, I plan to buy some DFH1 shoes to take with me to Italy.

But I really need something a little more robust for long walks. I don’t want hiking boots because, well, just no. Nor do I want runners, because that is not exactly stylin’ is it? (Says she who often forgets to take them off all day at work).

So, I turn to my beloved internets for some footwear ideas and come up with these and these – things which I think I might have some possibilty of wearing again. And even though the site is camping.com.au, it links to an american merchant – bugger. I could buy them online, but time is a bit of a factor and also, I have this strange thing about wanting to try shoes on before I purchase them.

The thing I find incredibly aggravating when looking for shoes on the internets is how very cheap shoes are in the US, compared to here – even allowing for the exchange rate, the same model shoe is at least 2x the US price. Which is just evil.

I think I am kind of partial to the Mary Jane style and there are a pair of skechers in Myer that I have not entirely ruled out – not precisely what I want, but they might do at a pinch.

1Dirty Fucking Hippy

5 thoughts on “if i were a cobbler …

  1. you should try some Dansko clogs. They have them in cute maryjane style and are Very comfortable to walk around for 8 hours in.

  2. DFH! Hilarious!I agree, hiking boots are for hiking only and sneakers (for sneaking) are for Americans only.I’ve been too lazy to check your links, but I bought a pair of Teva sandals in at Mountain Designs – they cost a bomb but they were SO comfortable every day walking long distances on hard surfaces, and I wear them now, too.I don’t think they look so bad but I’m no style maven. I’m no style anything.

  3. This is a vexed question, isn’t it? I’d be tempted to think Blundstones might be the answer, except that they look like Goofy feet on someone like me (i.e. with long narrow feet and calves. Ditto birkenstocks — way too wide for me.)I wore skaterboy sandshoes on my second US trip — they’re the only pair of shoes that have been 100 % comfortable on any of my recent trips. Only thing is that they don’t go with everything — often too damn casual have have pink soles.DFH are DFH at best of times — no, I say!

  4. I did, in fact take your sage advice, Elsewhere, and said a big NO to the DFH shoes. Hopefully my new super-expensive thongs will have the same results as your teva sandals, HB. I did what about 10 outdoorsy stores at lunch today (why on earth Sydney needs so many on one block, I will never understand) and didn’t notice any.Anon, I haven’t spied any dansko clogs anywhere, they look pretty awesome too. I think they may be as elusive as my lusted-for Merrell Plaza Bandeaus.

  5. I really do need a holiday, I have sentences in my brain and then don’t complete them on the keyboard …Paragraph 2 should have read: I did what seemed to be 20 but was about 10 outdoorsy stores. And then it should have said “didn’t notice any tevas, but I was obsessed with finding the merrells (because every shop had some, just not the ones I wanted).”

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