a little early

My baby boy turns 14 on Saturday, we celebrated in advance:

We enjoyed a larger version of the DJ’s chocolate and hazelnut mud cake mentioned here. So very rich, there is ganache for days and days.

Joe/Frank was rather too quick for the camera with his blowing out of the candles.

He will receive his giftage whenever I manage to locate guitar hero III (with controller) for the ps2. Stupidly, I thought it would be a simple matter of walking into a store and buying one. Hah! It is so very not simple – there are none for that platform in Australia at the moment. It appears as though we may have to buy it from the UK. So much for my awesome surprise gift. When I caved and told him what I wanted to give him, he was happy to wait and completely uninterested in alternative gifts. He loves him some air guitar (although his style is rather more of the air banjo) and I guess he sees it as a bit of an extension of that. I imagine there will be much jumping about (probably on the furniture) and rocking out.

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