and while i am on a roll …

Dear 5 people who read this blog,

You are all a well-travelled bunch, please turn your minds to what we might have not thought of taking with us or doing before we leave, that would make the trip easier/funner/brilliant-er.

Your packing / prep tips, if you will.

Kind Regards
Don and Carol

9 thoughts on “and while i am on a roll …

  1. Lonely Planet guide.And a phrase book -we’ve forgotton all the useful phrases and now just know Lesbeko, Omosessuale and Fafunculo (spelling not correct). The LP phrase book was the funniest and provided some hilarity in the train.Leave room for a leather jacket from Florence and lots of Murano glass jewellery.Have a great time – I’m SO jealous!

  2. More important than what you take is what you leave behind: you’ll need far less clothes than you think. That’s the eally big one. And also limit the amount of paper you take (books, journals, whatever) because they are HEAVY things to lug. If you want to take books to read, make them ones you’re happy to leave behind as you finish them.Take a backpack for carrying around with you during the day. They come in so handy. For some reason on our last trip I forsook the backpack and I regretted it every day.

  3. oooh yes forgot that … a plug adapter AND all the chargers you need for cameras, phones etc!An extra flashcard for your camera in case you can’t find a cafe to download your photos.

  4. Thanks for the wisdom…Elsewhere, for the win – we had not at all considered twisty clothes line, that is a genius idea! Okay, maybe eight readers?HB, Don is now gloating about the backpack, as I claimed we didn’t really need one and he insisted we did. You know me too well, of course I was planning to take oodles of reading.CB, check, brimming with travel guides. Heather kindly gave us his LP phrasebook – which indeed has indeed provided much hilarity. I need to post highlights from it.We’re taking the macbook, so we can put our photos on it. And have loaded up on adaptors (Don even got a wee modem for the macbook and roaming with our ISP).APG, the DS’s are staying at home :)Keep them coming if you have them.

  5. If you are going to Italy, as I rather suspect you are, people get dressed up to eat in the evenings. You will feel like a tourist wearing shorts and T-shirts in restaurants. I took a uncrushable black dress and some strappy black sandals and a wrap which all rolled up into a bundle about the size of a small tissue box and it was such a good move – it didn’t matter I wore the same thing every night because we went different places each night.

  6. Jano, I’m glad to hear it because I have a good many dresses that I’m planning to take with me – mainly for wearing during the day, I am a bit of a dress girl during my down time (although mostly it is pants for work), although I do wish I could find some shorts for walking about in too – the only ones I own are for the gym.

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