needs more cowbell

Well, it has been a week since Don and I ventured out to see LCD Soundsystem to round off our big week o’ bands, and let me just say that I think it was totally the best fun I had all week.

Really, they put on a fantastic show and everyone who was there was really into it. It had been a very big week, and I daresay a lot of people were either gigged out (aka poor) or at Joanna Newsom, so it seemed that those in attendance were pretty hardcore fans and that made for a fabulous time (for a start I did not have to yell at morons to “shut the fuck up or get the fuck out”1 as I did at arcade fire – much to the delight of those around me – I’m such a cranky old lady). And also, they broke my drought by actually playing a song that I was longing to hear (unlike everyone else we saw that week, I would have really liked to see “city middle” from the national and “in the backseat” from arcade fire).

Don and I were totally buzzing about it for days afterward (and would of course, break into song at every possible opportunity. “clooooouuuuuud, block out the sun, over me, over meeeeeeeee”).

1I’m totally silkscreening shirts to that effect, as soon as I have a couple of hours to drag my silkscreen and paints from the garage and cut a stencil.

2 thoughts on “needs more cowbell

  1. I really need to learn how to silkscreen with a non paper stencil (that photo emulsiony stuff) – then I might start my empire to rival the ubiquitous threadlss – bwahahahaha.In the brief period between buying Don an addition 10 threadless shirts for his birthday (for his quite large t-shirt collection), we have all decided that threadless is *so* totally over.

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