40 days until we leave?!

Holy crap! I feel so ill-prepared.

Today Don and I bought suitcases. Mine is rather loud and red and faux crocodile and spectacular and cheap, Don’s is black and enormous with awesome racing wheels.

Don and I have a small suitcase wager. I think that a cheap and nasty suitcase will hold up just as well as a more expensive one, he disagrees. We shall see.

And I will insert an image here when I can access my computer (Don is currently geeking out to Civ IV on my computer).

Hopefully I’ll be able to locate mine on the carousel with not an inordinate amount of difficulty.

5 thoughts on “lent

  1. Hi Carol, as I´m also planning an overseas holiday I´m fascinated by luggage at the moment. As much as I´d love a bright red bag, the sensible me has taken over and I´d like one just like Don´s. Can you please tell me more about material, price, location bought etc. James

  2. James, I am so utterly envious of your uber-trip (and I simply cannot imagine working somewhere long enough to qualify for long service leave!)I really do think you would totally rock the red faux-croc bag, however … Don bought his at The Luggage Professionals in Alexandria (really Rosebery). It’s a paklite million miler (69cm) (doesn’t appear to be on the luggage professional’s site) and was $239 (which look to be much cheaper than at the custom luggage site) down from $269. It has a 5 year warranty and is 75x52x30/36cm (according the tag) and is made from ballistic nylon (who knew?).If you do change your mind about the croc, I got mine for just a smidge over $100 at the bag shop on the top floor of Broadway Shopping Centre (the rest of their afforable range was pretty how-ya-goin’ though).HB, I am certain I will be victorious.

  3. Carol – thanks for the advice. I think I´m with you on the luggage experiment. I have a backpack thatś about 10 years old thatś still in great shape.As for my trip. Itś actually not long-service leave. Itś rec leave I should have taken! I have a further 23 weeks of long-service leave I could take if I want to.

  4. One day I will learn to, you know, read what I am reading.I can’t even begin to imagine how thrilling 23 weeks would be. Although having rec leave at all would be pretty awesome too!

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