oops – there goes $79

This afternoon the lovely people from Sydney City Council left me a really fabulous gift under Bav’s windscreen wiper!

Note to self: always assume parking is metered in Kings Cross (how soon one forgets!)

Dfkan has rather kindly offered (repeatedly) to bear the cost, but I have refused, as the incident was entirely due to my idiocy.

We can propagate really, really well…

I planted these pumpkin seeds last week (from a pumpkin I’d cooked, planted them before I cooked it, of course).

Here’s an arty shot of the pumpkins from Don

And the lovely sky this evening (again from Don). Waiting for yet another storm.

I bought four new dresses this afternoon when shopping for Dfkan homewares (I needed some reward after braving Ikea). I am rather chuffed with them – they can all be screwed up into a little ball and shoved in a suitcase and thus, should be perfect for Italy (54 days to go!!!)

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