don’t ticketek drunk

The boss of Team Feast (and thus my new boss), who most everyone (or at least right thinking people – both male and female) would agree is by far the hottest (although not in a traditional way) thing going at Marie Celeste, is totally into music, and I cannot tell you what a relief it is to have a chat with someone at work who does not respond with, “huh?” when I receive a Band of Horses poster in the mail and is jealous when I have tix to Arcade Fire.

And when I was regaling Smithers1 with the shows Don and I would be attending next week, he was, of course, jealous as all get out. And then I mentioned we were seeing Sonic Youth (and I was somewhat lukewarm about it). He exclaimed, “oh! that is part of the don’t look back’ series!”, I expressed my complete and utter ignorance of aforesaid series. He went on say that Died Pretty were doing Doughboy Hollow as part of the series – and I expressed extreme interest, because as everyone knows, that is an awesome album. So I look it up and then find that one of my
very favourite albums of all time
is part of the same show. So, of course, I had to drunkenly buy tickets, because Ed Kuepper is teh awesome! And Don will need a really quick education (best to drag out the Ed cassette).

Both albums remind me of the period after I left the quite dreadful (and quite violent) relationship with Dfkan’s father and I was absolutely poverty striken, but finally peaceful and independent (and still terribly, terribly young). I’m really looking forward to seeing them both performed live – should be $120-ish well spent.

And getting off somewhat unpleasant topics, therein lies the peril of every show we want to see being in the beginning of the year and then a vast wasteland of nothing for months and months, you kind of have to slot in everything now. Fortunately the Italia fund remains untouched for now.

Also, I just sliced my finger up with the new food processor blades

1It was the best I could do (more a play on the name, than any characteristics, well, maybe he is just a little flaming).

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  1. I love Doughboy Hollow and also HS’sG. But think overall I prefer The Butterfly Net. For some reason, when we lived in Canberra, we got to see Ed quite frequently and even had the luxury of not going to one or two shows because, you know, it was all getting a bit much, really.Isn’t it great to have albums that remind you of an important time in life. Listening to The Stone Roses over and over got me through a slightly dramatic time and I still love that first album like a true friend who stood by me.

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