nothing on tv but a thing, called scarecrow and mrs king…

Well, there was a whirlwind of spending, but not by Dfkan.

Don and I purchased a fridge (although not from Bing Lee) in oh-so-trendy aluminium.

We also picked up a food processor. We chose it largely because of its resemblance to stereo equipment. It is quite amazing that I have reached the ripe old age I have and not owned one before, but I hope to process all manner of things (including all of those recipes which require a food processor which I have avoided over the years).

Poor Dfkan is overwhelmed at the sheer volume of *stuff* one needs to set up a home, and how very expensive such *stuff* becomes.

Her flat has definitely seen better days (and needs a good clean), and the kitchen is atrocious, but it is quite large indeed for a studio in that location and I think it can look totally awesome given some effort. It also has an awesome people watching view, right on to Darlinghurst Road.

I’m currently giving Don an long overdue introduction to TISM via the fabulous great trucking songs of the renaissance. It’s somewhat difficult to explain Derryn Hinch though.

2 thoughts on “nothing on tv but a thing, called scarecrow and mrs king…

  1. bloody hell – blogger just ate my carefully crafted comment.I think I said something along the lines of being afraid of the food processor, that I made Don use it and that it looked awfully pretty on the bench.Also, something that bringing more TISM lyrics to the titles would be no bad thing (although possibly might have a Ween effect)

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