it really is golden (and this is totally making up the daily quota)

The locusts (aka the babies, aka bess and joe/frank) have been returned home and all is very, very quiet in the Don and Carol haus.

All will be very, very quieter come the 28th when Dfkan spends the first night in her new apartment1. Whereupon we shall run about nekkid.

The buying frenzy will commence in earnest tomorrow. Don and I need to acquire a new fridge (so that we may give our existing one to Dfkan – the family heirloom, as it were). And Dfkan needs to acquire all manner of things for the new home (like pots, and towels etc).

And in a total non-sequitur, I really, really loathe those competitions that begin: “In 25 words or less ….”

In other total making the daly quota post news, please enjoy some not-terribly-well-taken pix of my 30+72pin ram collection (which I totally think are some of the most beautiful things ever).

1cue the very much underrated Custard song.

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