and we’re not the same and I will wear that on my sleeve1

Well, day 11 of 365 days of blogging and, so far, I’m about 7 days further along than I thought I would be.

So yay me. It must be said that there has been a whole lot less content and a whole lot more filler than there would ordinarily be, so I’m not entirely sure that the every day blogging is a good thing.

Early collection of babies tomorrow and delivery of Dfkan to Potts Point, so that she may attend various open for inspections, so that she may move out and become and independent woman (she now has added knives, a toaster, kettle and rice cooker to her stash).

The babies will be staying here for a week, and for the first time ever, they will be staying home alone during working hours for the week because I simply have no annual leave and, hell, they are both of High School age now and it’s not like they do anything other than compute anyway (and Joe/Frank usually doesn’t wake up until lunchtime, as is the wont of almost-14-year-old-boys). I am sure I will be calling every 10 minutes or so to ensure their wellbeing. Interestingly, as is always the case with oldest children2, I was supremely confident that dfkan could more than take care of herself at the same age (and she did).

1I just cannot get the wombats out of my head today
2speaking as an oldest myself.

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