the kids aren’t alright

My babies: 2006.

These were taken in the waiting room of Dfkan’s ENT – back when she had the horrible mystery illness1. I adore how they are all in their own little worlds. Dfkan: magazine, Joe/Frank: ipod, Bess: Nintendo DS.

I really do love these pix and wish I had taken them with something other than my camera phone (although I doubt I would have had such willing subjects if they had known I was taking snaps).

1which turned out to be tonsillitis – resistant to antibiotics tonsillitis. Her tonsils are still the size of golf balls, but at least she can actually get out of bed now. That was a very scary 6 months.

I just noticed that the title displays incorrectly via RSS. I should read “the kids aren’t alright” – offspring reference, ya know. Of course the kids *are* alright.

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