broken glass, everywhere! 1

A very fine time was had last evening at First Night.

We plumped (pun intended) for the Plump DJs in Martin Place, which was absolutely packed (so very packed that security and the piggies wouldn’t let anyone into the main section). In retrospect we should have left home much earlier.

Some nice pix giving the scale of the thing at furtivity.

Honestly, I think the last time I saw the city so full of people at night (it could be that it is like that on NYE, but I haven’t been into the city on NYE for years) was at the Olympics opening ceremony in 2000. Everyone seemed terribly well behaved and to be enjoying themselves a great deal.

We had a rather excellent time and afterward repaired to The Cross, which was also very full of people. I needed to have a bit of a nap this afternoon to recover.

Reminisces of other first night events at:

the lovely james



letters to harry

And press at:


the tele (no, I cannot believe I linked there either). Of course they incorrectly captioned the first pic in the photogallery (that is totally Hyde Park and Paul Kelly was at the Domain).

1mad props to grandmaster flash for the lyric.

8 thoughts on “broken glass, everywhere! 1

  1. oh james, you do look lovely when you blush.furtivity, I am sure you were (I think just about everyone in Sydney was standing next to us at some point – or walking past me – why does the space in front of me, no matter how tiny, *always* develop into a pathway?). matt, we’ve only The National (on the 21st) remaining as part of our festival agenda (at this stage). That will be a rather eventful week for us: Aracade Fire:23rd, Spoon: 24th, LCD Soundsystem: 26th.

  2. I am jealous – we got back from Melbourne that afternoon and although we had arranged to do split shifts – I was going to Paul Kelly and then a quick dash home so Joe could see Brian Wilson – we totally forgot.I tells you, having twins has given me a total memory wipe. It’s their fault, like everything else.

  3. Jano, my memory is utterly appalling and I don’t even have the excuse of twins for the memory wipe (must have been all those drugs I took at the turn of the century). I do wish we had gone earlier and got about the other venues a little more (we saw Hyde Park on the way through to The Cross).Next year (hopefully).

  4. i love the festival, my next few weeks take in: andy weatherall jazz in the domain low tunng caribou sufjan stevensprobably more to come too… how to fit it all in?

  5. It just occured to me that in all the years I have lived in Sydney, I have never been to [thing] in The Domain.That probably deserves a separate post.Good luck, matt! That is a fairly ambitious programme.

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