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New Year’s Eve sky (sans visual pollution)

NYE visual pollution

I really do not care for skywriters terribly much.

Sadly, we did not attend the new years gathering of people from our small street. We arose rather late and the periodic showers made us rather indolent.

Likewise, given the aforesaid periodic inclement weather, we’re wondering at the advisability of venturing out to enjoy the first night festivities, but I dare say we will attempt it anyway, accompanied by the hideously expensive, but super-compact umbrella I acquired whilst in Melbourne.

I’m keen to go here, although I wouldn’t mind seeing Brian Wilson either (because any dude who spent an awfully long time in the sandpit room in his haus1 is both teh awesome and teh crazy). Although we are cutting things rather fine, it being 8.30pm and us not having eaten yet (although food is being prepared as I type).

1a big shout out to hazelblackberry.

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