lend me some sugar, i am your neighbour*

I hit the shops yesterday for the first time in ages. Bessie is 12 (my baby!) next Thursday, so we’re having our celebration this weekend and I’d omitted to buy any gifts. Oops.

And, goodness, there are a lot of people about. I wish they would go away and let me shop in peace (where are these people usually?). I am sure the recipients of the gifts they are shopping for do not really need or want what they are buying.

Anyway, I went to supre (because they have 3XS abd XXS) and, by golly, they are charging a lot for skank clothes these days. And what the hell is going on with the store filled with fluoro clothing? All that was missing was the choose life shirts. Do we really want to dress like it’s 1983? I know I don’t. Although I feel like I should break out my silk screen.

However, I survived the nasty flash-backs and ended up with some rather cute outfits, which I think she’ll be delighted with. Unlike dfkan and I, Bess has simply awesome legs and a straight-up-and-down torso (we are totally hourglass with thighs that should not be displayed) so she’ll be receiving loads of short shorts and short dresses (of which there were loads). And by god, I just *had* to buy her some terry-toweling shorts, because I think I lived in them when I was her age and I am sure if you are around my age, you will have lived in them too (I also lived in some awful yellow strapless jumpsuit thing, lucky for her they did not seem to have any in stock).

In my defense, I was not all about the clothes, I did also buy her loads of grown up drawing supplies, because she does love her some sketching.

And I still have the Christmas shopping to do – I generally save that for Christmas Eve, which I find much less stressful than planning far in advance. I thought I had mentioned, but I hadn’t when I checked, that I used to do a rather Martha Stewart christmas1 when I was suburban and (2nd) married and insane – buying early would just hark back to that time (which is a place my psyche does not want to be!). Last minute all the way, baby!

*non-sequitur #43: what was playing when I hit the “publish post” button.
1like making wrapping paper and christmas crackers and all the tree decorations and having a theme and shit – what the hell was I thinking??

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  1. I had a pair of terry towelling shorts that I wore everywhere when I was 4 and I could still fit into them when I was sixteen. They had stretched a little, but still! Tomorrow I will be 38 and, alas, am struggling to fit into clothes I got when I was 36.We haven’t put up a tree yet. Grumpy insists that we must because it would be too Scrooge-ish not to but I can’t be bothered and I don’t see him getting out of his chair.

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