but where are the corners?!?

Finally, after months of (admittedly, on and off) searching, I found Nu Battlestar Galactica season 1 on DVD (at JB hifi Leichhardt).

I held off buying the pilot movie because I figured it would be included in the first season. Silly me, it wasn’t.

Still, Don, who hadn’t seen it before, thought it way cool (which of course, I knew he would).

There are nice shout outs to the octagons so prevalent in the original BSG, in paper and clipboards and photo frames and all manner of other things.

But what happened to all of the leftover corners?

And I totally wish this glarkware shirt was still available (you can click the first pic, which will take you to the waybackmachine page, should you choose):

hexagons? octagons? same non-four-sided-shape-thingy.

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