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A couple of weeks ago, the members of Team Cool Until You Are In It met for coffee with a candidate to replace Cinnomoroll.

The group was generally awkwardly (as these things tend to be) chatting and talk turned to where we all lived, and I happened to mention in passing that I walked to work.

The following conversation ensued:

Pubes (incredulous): “You walk to work?!?!?”

Carol (matter of fact): “Yes”

Pubes (increasingly more incredulous): “Every day?!?!?!”

Carol: “Yes. I walk home every day too”

Pubes (more incredulous still): “You walk to work and home from work every day?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!”

Carol (thinking, how hard is this to understand?): “Yes, I walk to work and home from work everyday”

Pubes (looking me up and down): “Hmmmmmm, you must drink a lot of alcohol then”

5 thoughts on “polite conversation (post via email)

  1. HB, Yes! (Except that he’s a she 😉 )Mean spirited people, of which I am not one**, have claimed that she resembles a man, so you may partially be correct.I really need to rip off that cast o’characters post you did previously!CB, almost as hilarious as Cinnamoroll’s insistance that poker had not been invented when I was a teenager.**well, I am mean-spirited (of course!), but just not in this instance.

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