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Today saw us at Rodd Point where some of the families from Joe/Frank’s support class at school had an outing.

Sailing with sailability – which runs fortnightly sailing for people with disabilities. Siblings could sail too – all for $10.

Joe/Frank and Bess had a rather nice time indeed. Two sails each of around 40 minutes.


The zoom on my camera doesn’t zoom quite so well.

And Don knows now that he should wear more sunscreen and a hat. Burn-ey.

We are really considering getting Joe/Frank a membership – which is only $30 a year and mean that we can rock up on their fortnightly sailing days and Joe/Frank can sail for free. And hey, it gets him away from the computer.

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  1. Yes, it is fantastic.There was such a wide range of ages (I would say one man was about 65) and disabilities sailing. All the volunteers were wonderful. It is really a quite marvellous organisation.

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