M3/10: miscellaneous / sundries

This morning I will arrive late for work because I must visit the post office to collect my passport – woo! Flights will be booked this evening (I think that deserves another woo!)

I also have to purchase Cinnamoroll’s gift – which will be a DJ’s gift voucher, because no-one can think of anything she’d like – I mean, there’s only so much Hello Kitty one can have (and I really wish I was joking about the Hello Kitty).

And all of my fingers and toes crossed (and I am praying to the gods of good seats) as The National tix go on sale today as part of the Sydney Festival.

In other news, I have managed to drag myself away from the internets for the last three evenings and immerse myself in several ngaio marsh novels – which has been most excellent indeed. You really do (well, I do, I am not sure about you) tend to forget how very nice it is to wrap yourself up in a good book. Really, I must do it more often.

Sculpture by the Sea this weekend. I say this every year, and have not been since Joe/Frank was about 5, but this year we will goddamnit (having a car makes the whole exercise a little easier).

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