buy me some peanuts and crackerjack

Walking past the local pub is always rather perilous of late – the world series is on and if a game is on we venture in to watch the game and venture out a couple of hours later (a little more inebriated than when we arrived).

It’s kind of fun really.

Given that they were the first team I ever saw play agame, I’m a bit of a rockies fan, however they kind of suck – bad.

What is it about me and supporting suckful sports1 teams? (I’m looking at you, sydney swans).

1oh my god, I wrote sports [as opposed to sport], my indoctrination must be almost compleat.

2 thoughts on “buy me some peanuts and crackerjack

  1. I object! You can’t call a team who made it to the Grand Final twice in the last three years, suckful.If any team is suckful it would have to be my team – the Dockers – they are the suckful ones…đŸ™‚

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