a bazillion things. part 1

So, I guess chronologically would be the best way to go about this (and bullet points, rather than my usual turgid ramblings)

  1. The 21st of September saw the anniversary of our first date (all together now, “ahhhhhhh”). We celebrated at restaurant atelier (because it is both close-ish and yummy and we enjoyed ourselves immensely on the last visit). Don mentioned at dinner that he had planned “something” for after dinner (oh! a surprise!) and took me here where the views are to die for and the drinks hideously expensive and then compounded his surprise by taking me downstairs to our room. I must say I do like surprises of this kind very much indeed! Being completely unprepared for this, I was camera-less, so enjoy the view from our room, post-card style:

  2. Just as we were about to leave for the airport, I walked out to the deck and spied a very rare sight indeed:

    The old Glebe Island Bridge – closed! and people were walking across it! damn! If I hadn’t had to catch my plane, I would have been over there and crossing it too – and more than once!

  3. Internode is now our ISP and mighty fine they are too. I was with them when I lived in Lizzie Bay and recommend them to all and sundry. It was quite a happy day indeed in Chez DonandCarol when that Telstra cable contract expired and I could go back to them!
  4. While in Melbourne, I discovered a rather delightful second-hand bookstore and stocked up on some Ngaio Marsh novels, which you generally don’t see about very often (well, I don’t see them about), and which I have been enjoying in a rather civilised manner with a glass of wine on the deck on the occasional sunny afternoon.
  5. I showed remarkable restraint when shopping, but could not resist acquiring some jewellery including a pair of ever-so-fab earrings, very reminiscent of string art.

to be continued….

(okay, they were rather turgid, rambling bullet points)

2 thoughts on “a bazillion things. part 1

  1. I’m afraid there won’t be too much to work back toward. I have been a bad blogger.And you and Cellobella have made me believe that WA is not entirely full of freaks** I mean, rather peculiar people.**imagine that there is strikethough here – the tag doesn’t seem to work in comments.

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