good gravy!

Just ever so slightly tipsy (read: hammered) after being convinced to visit the local (dive) after work, rather than go to the gym (and then having a couple of glasses of wine upon the return home).

Strangely, I could drink spirits (read: vodka1) until the proverbial cows come home, but give me a couple of glasses of wine and I am quite simply done for.

Don is out at a “revitilisation day” (read: get drunk day/night) at whateverInamedhiscompany and Nancy and I are cooking sausages and gravy and chips for dinner.

I really should update, because I have been awfully slack, but am unsure of exactly how coherent I would be at the moment (my typing is degenerating – I initally typed monet instead of moment).

And I really should post more.

Really I should>

Peace, out.

God, I’m such an old raver sometimes.

1 andpineappleinatallglass

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