Public Pools of the Inner West

It’s school holiday time yet again.

This week, the babies and I are touring the public swimming pools of the Inner West.

Tuesday we visited the Ian Thorpe aquatic centre, which was not a very big hit. Most strangely, the cafe had “escargot and mashed potatoes” on the menu. together. in the one dish. Lord knows after a few hard laps, rather than some hot chips with sauce, I really want to chow down on snails and mash, don’t you?

Yesterday saw us at the Dawn Fraser baths, which went down much better with everyone. Much more of the totally oz swimming experience.

We’re also planning to try to fit Victoria Park Pool and Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre into our adventures before they return home on Friday (after which they head off to the Sunshine Coast for a week and I, unfortunately, return to work).

Although today’s visit might be cancelled due to cooler weather, Bessie’s crafting (DVD covers and shrinky-dinks) my needing to upgrade Joe/Frank’s computer from his other house (and my ouchy hamstring and sore right eye).

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