too much thinking

Golly, brain ache. Quite the hard core learnerering at times (my brain switches off at about 3.45, unfortunately we don’t finish until 4.30), but I suspect I am one of about 5 people who is having no great difficulties with the material. I’m quite enjoying it actually (makes me wish I had completed that undergraduate degree, so I could go all post-grad on your arses [or asses]).

So now I am sitting in my rooms (hee!) with a glass of wine and a block of chocolate (my trainer will be less than imtpressed) reading blogs and vege-ing out.

Today for lunch I had the most wretched burrito (which was really a quite bad kebab masquerading as a burrito) ever. I have been informed by my beloved that Australians just cannot do Mexican food (save for guzman y gomez who come very close), but even compared to average aus-mex, this was a sort of sad, pathetic joke. So stay far away from BBNT (according to google there is one in Newtown. Maybe it is better than the Hawthorn one, I suspect not – reviews are mixed).

I am ultra tired, I just can’t fall asleep easily in a strange bed. I think early dinner and skip the spa for this evening!

10.19pm – somehow I knew my plans for early sleep would be foiled. For it is: “Tight Arse Tuesdays: Dj Marc & Dan W Smashing the Best Twisted House & Dirty Disco!” downstairs and the bass is pounding ever so thumpingly in my poor sleep-deprived brain. Now, I’m all about the twisted house (really!), but on a Tuesday? These crazy Victorians! oomsk oomsk oomsk.

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  1. Damn – you’re in Melbourne this week… I would have liked to have met you but alas – I go to Melbourne next week. Typical!Meantime – just got back from Amistead Maupin – thanks for the tip – he was great!

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