I had to leave the Marie Celeste early today for an optometrist appointment and now am idly sitting about at home doing not a great deal – and it is quite awesome indeed.

According to the professional, my eyes appear to be liking the new glasses and have adjusted nicely, which means I can see distance stuff rather better than I could before (even though the glasses are for close up stuff, my eyes don’t get nearly as tired/strained). A great deal of money well spent then.

Later this evening, while Don is out drinking with colleagues, dfkan and I will head to the pub for dinner and then return home to cook white chocolate and macadamia nut brownies, give ourselves facials and watch some Midsomer Murders on DVD. Sounds like a fine night all round.

I *could* have back to work and gone drinking with *my* colleagues, but the conversation generally devolves into whinging about the Celeste and I really can’t be doing with that at all.

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