The weekend was gorgeously warm and saw us wandering about in short-sleeves and summer dresses.

Given the delightful weather, I was prompted to embark upon the cleaning of the closet (which has been on my mind for some time) by packing up all of my warm winter coats into a huge garbage bag and storing them in the garage (which is next on the cleaning out list, after the closet is finished – whenever that might be).

Of course, it has been rather freezing since I did this.

I also packed up all of the very small clothes which are currently not fitting me1. Hopefully taking those clothes to the garage will have the same effect as the coats!

1I’m having somewhat of a chubbo time at the moment – back to where I was before I commenced at the gym over a year ago (the upside is that I am massively healthier – for a start I can actually run and such). Stupid birth control and giving up smoking and fluid retention.

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