never again to visit the palace, the palace of love1

This week I decided it was time to become a grown up, so I filled out the forms to roll my five superannuation accounts into one and filled in another form to change my current super account to one of the other five, which is an industry fund, has much lower fees and has much higher returns.

Soon, I plan to make the effort to make my own contributions to super (yes, I am sure you all have been doing this for years, but I am nowhere near that sensible).

I am not sure what has prompted all of this.

Well, actually that is a lie, I know exactly what has prompted this – it is the birthday in November – one of those decade changing birthdays and it is a lot closer than I thought (I was thinking it was more than 6 months, it is less than 4 – eeek!). God! The horror!

Other sensible admin things on my “i will be grown up soon” list include:

  • get my passport
  • start saving some of my pay regularly (would it suprise you to know I live payday to payday? thought not)
  • See if I am able to claim the couple of hundred $ which comes up under my name on an asic unclaimed money search
  • make a will (urk!)

I am sure there were more things on the list, but my old lady brain has temporarily forgotten what they are (with the assistance of half a glass of wine).

And my don’t spend money thing kind of went out the window today when I ventured out to purchase an apron for Joe/Frank for Home Science (or whatever they are calling it now), I spent $107 on sheets at Kmart (a $214 value – and they are 230 thread count – and there were 3 pairs of them). I think this means that we will not have to buy sheets for another 5ish years – so really, it was a bargain and think of the savings over those 5 years!

1mad props to you if you get that reference.

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  1. You win! I, like grumpy, am a little fanatical too.I do so want to become an ant, or else find an ant to support me in my twilight years. I organised health insurance too! So very grown up!

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