sure, you can have my autograph

You may recall the post about my impending my .24 seconds of fame

Well, finally, here is that commercial.

click enter, click the tv set on the right and then the first box next to the new button at the bottom (under the big yellow arrow in the screenshot below):

Yes, the surly looking chick under the yellow arrow is my good self.

There is a closer shot, but I am looking surlier and well, you can see that for yourself – except don’t blink.

I think I show loads of talent and promise and expect loads of directors hammering down my door quite soon, begging me to look surly while wearing a lab coat and protective goggles. Or not.

I pity those people they asked to stay on until 11.30pm – they don’t seem to appear at all in the other advertisements (and they were supposed to be a focus). That would suck mightily and I am quite glad they did not want me.

Thanks universe!

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