Yesterday, we took the car out for a drive to the mangroves at Homebush Bay (we chose not to go to the football because it was initially far too nice a day to waste in the cold Noble stand and Don’s members pass was in his lost wallet).

The day didn’t stay too nice and it had started to get quite gloomy and rainsish pretty much as soon as we arrived:

We saw pretty things:

And became quite soaked:

We planned to buy some of the best chicken in the universe (which is Texas Charcoal Chicken at Five Dock1 – I was going to put a link, but can’t find a decent one) for lunch, but they were closing just as we turned up, so instead we had pretty average fish and chips from Glebe instead (although it could be the illness saying thaey were average, for the cold is back yet again and my tastebuds are shot).

1you should go there, really. At least I think you should, I haven’t been for about 8 years, but it was truly the best chicken I had ever tasted way back then.

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