Back to work was rather unpleasant, I knew I would have regrets about not moving on, particularly when it came to The Oaf.

After we had our performance review meeting a couple of weeks ago, The Oaf told me that the boss had put in for a largeish raise for him and that obviously he really deserved it (he obviously really doesn’t) particularly because he had looked at Don’s payslip when it was sitting on Don’s desk (!) and saw that Don was getting paid more than him and that that wasn’t fair, just because Don had more skills than him (!). He did not seem to think that there was any problem with 1. looking at the payslip and 2. telling someone’s partner that they had looked at their payslip. He is so completely loathsome.

After not inconsiderable thought, I mentioned this to the boss. She was livid, she thought that Don must have told him how much he earned.

The Oaf has upped his endearing behaviour this week by telling everyone in the place that Pubes was a really bad choice and that her English is awful (it isn’t) and that he is sure she would be okay in her own country, but in Australia she just can’t do the job. He even bragged how he and an evil harpy he is very close to (they are always plotting the downfall of someone) went to the CEO about it. Truly fucking loathsome. Strange behaviour from someone who constantly talks about how all Australians are totally racist. I told him that I had no problem with her accent, that the nature of the work was such that it took at least 6 months to get your head around and that she had only been here just over a month (and there is nothing wrong with her work). The Professor and I were so disgusted (particularly with the “okay in her own country” remark) that we went to the boss and then to HR to complain.

He has been officially told to pull his head in (where he denied saying anything like that! lucky there were multiple witnesses).

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