typhoid carol

Well, I have another cold.

Which rather sucks, actually. It hit me on Sunday while en route to take the babies home.

This is more of the runny nose, incessant sneezing sort – with the accompanying head full of spoot – which makes it awfully hard to think and to construct coherent sentences – both of the written and verbal kind, so apologies in advance for the many mistakes which I am sure will litter this post.

It also made it rather difficult to complete the written part of my performance review which was due today – bullet points are my friend.

Thankfully, the couple of years sick-free have enabled me to accrue a nice stash of sick leave, which I used on Tuesday and Wednesday and I lay about on the couch and watched many episodes of Midsomer Murders (which is rather perfect “I’m sick” viewing) and, more importantly, I did not do any work, nor did I think of work (which, for me, is a rare thing indeed). All this dvd watching, however, did enable me to make the pom-poms1 for Bessie’s duck’s scarf and also complete the farrow rib scarf for dfkan.

Obligatory pix follow:


cheer, cheer the red and the white

Close-up of dfkan farrow rib

The requisite farrow-rib pose (looks rather like a roll of toilet paper)

View from the sick couch, which you would think would make being sick a little more tolerable, but it doesn’t really.

I still feel dreadful (even though I did drag myself into the office today – ever the martyr).

1 I have never, ever been able to make decent pom-poms via the standard methodology (making two cardboard “doughnuts”) – about 8 years ago I stumbled upon a website (of course, I have absolutely no idea which website) where it was suggested to use a fork to make them – kind of like this, but replacing fingies with fork – totally easy peasy and takes less than 5 minutes.

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