sniff, sniff, sniff

Still sick, with the most horribly drippy nose, but thankfully now wacked up to the eyeballs on sudafed (I suspect I was driving everyone quite mad with my sniffing).

Despite the sickness, we ventured out to the SCG last night to watch the Duckies lose a rather ghastly match in which “we wuz robbed”. I have never, ever heard so much boo-ing at the end of any sporting event, it was by far the most dreadful refereeing seen this year. I must say that we were crap (seems to have been the theme this year), but still would have won had it not been for a particularly woeful decision and other somewhat less woeful, but still nonetheless quite woeful, decisions.

And those feedbacks? still waiting to be completed – I am the quite queen of work avoidance.

I really need to just stop stressing so much about getting work things done on my time. I think a big reason I succumbed so quickly to this cold is that I am putting way too much pressure on myself to get things accomplished. So, no more work at home (unless I absolutely, positively have to). The trouble is of course the powers that be at Marie Celeste adore this kind of thing, all the major workaholics (including moi) scored a very nice $200 dinner gift voucher thingy last week for all of our hard work. One wouldn’t want to miss out on that sort of thing, would one?

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